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Materials for MAPS Station Operators

Listed below are the materials for operation of MAPS stations for the 2014 season, including our current MAPS manual and all related forms.  Most are available in Adobe PDF format for download.  Click on the name of the document to download.

If the document you want is not in downloadable format or if you are unable to download a document and wish to have a form sent to you in hard copy or via email you can contact Danielle Kaschube at dkaschube@birdpop.org.

Please visit the MAPSPROG page for the MAPSPROG manual or the latest update to the program.

If you encounter any difficulties printing these materials, please contact IBP's office at 415-663-1436 for assistance.

MAPS Manual

Download the complete MAPS Manual here:
Complete MAPS Manual - 2014 (2.0 MB)

Or download one of 3 major sections:
Part I. Introduction through Station Registration pgs. 1-24
Part II. Mistnetting effort through the Collection and Recording of Banding data pgs. 25-55
Part III. The Summary of Mist-netting Results through Literature Cited  pgs. 56-79

Banding Data Sheets: (these forms should be printed with landscape orientation on legal (8.5X14") paper)
MAPS BANDING Sheet - 2014 
MAPS UNBANDED Sheet - 2014 
MAPS RECAPTURE Sheet - 2014 
NOTE (reverse) side of MAPS Banding Sheets 

Other Required Data Sheets:
MAPS Station Registration Form or Editiable version 
Standard Net Opening and Closing Times (SNOC) form 
Summary of Mist-netting Effort data sheet - 2014 
Summary of Mist-netting Results data sheet - 2014 
Breeding Status List - 2014 

Habitat Structure Assessment (HSA) materials:
Habitat Structure Assessment Manual
Download the complete HSA Manual here:
Complete HSA Manual (through appendix 3) (1.9 MB)

Or download it in sections:
HSA Manual (main text)
HSA Manual Figures: (Figures 1, 3, & 4 should be printed with landscape orientation)
       Fig. 1: Example MAPS Station Map
       Fig. 2: HSA Spatial Pattern Chart
       Fig. 3: HSA Cover and Pattern Exercise
       Fig. 4: HSA Example Form H1
HSA Manual Appendices: (Appendix 3 should be printed with landscape orientation)
       Appendix 1: NVCS Background
       Appendix 2: NVCS Formation Codes
       Appendix 3: Glossary of NVCS Terms
       Appendix 4: Eastern NVCS Alliance Codes
       Appendix 5: Central NVCS Alliance Codes
       Appendix 6: Western NVCS Alliance Codes

HSA Tips:
These pages are designed to help you navigate the habitat protocol.  The suggestions included on these helpful sheets come from you and are designed to prevent the kind of errors commonly seen in the data.
Tips for Collecting Habitat Structure Assessment Data. 

HSA Forms: (these forms should be printed with landscape orientation)
       HSA - Form H0 - 2014
       HSA - Form H1 - 2014

Four-letter 'Alpha' Codes for Bird Species
Alpha Codes

Cooperative Projects

Feather Sampling Protocol: IBP, in collaboration with the UCLA Center for Tropical Research conducts feather-sampling during the breeding season for a suite of target species. These samples contribute to the Neotropical Migrant Conservation Genetics Project. Please click for the 2014 Feather Sampling Protocols

Avian Influenza Sampling: IBP is not asking operators to collect cloacal swab samples during the 2014 season.


Overview of the MAPS Program
An overview of the MAPS Program's history, recent results, and future directions. 

Helpful Field Sheets:
Empidonax Data Sheet (optional) 
MAPS Banding Codes summary - 2014 (optional) 

MAPS Station Equipment List - This document lists the suggested equipment necessary to operate a MAPS station. Equipment List.

List of species in which males can develop brood patches - This document lists those species included in the Identification Guide to North American Birds Part I (Pyle 1997) in which the male can develop a partial, incomplete, or complete brood patch. Species List.

MAPS Chat: Our annual newsletter MAPS Chat provides useful and interesting articles for MAPS operators.

North American Banding Council Publications - The North American Banders' Study Guide and The North American Banders' Manual for Banding Passerines and Near-passerines can be downloaded from the NABC publications site.

Identification Guides:

Peter Pyle's Identification Guide is available for sale from Slate Creek Press: Identification Guide to North American Birds Part I, First Edition, by Peter Pyle. Pyle Errata (100K - last updated January 2007)

Dan Froehlich's Photographic Companion can be downloaded (pdf) here: Ageing North American Landbirds by Molt Limits and Plumage Criteria, A Photographic Companion to the Identification Guide to North American Birds, Part 1, by Dan Froehlich.

Peter Pyle's Instructions for taking open-wing digital images (pdf) here: Taking Open-wing Digital images.